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Letters To DOMAI


One cold winter night, I visited the local sauna.
I was lying in the heat of the sauna, when two girls came in. My heart raced as I recognized them, one was a beauty from some of my University classes.
This girl, Emma, looked like a supermodel. She was tall, slim and her long dark hair framed a delicate face. I was a fairly shy guy in my student days, and my clumsy attempts at conversation with her had been coldly rebuffed. Again as usual, she looked at me as if I did not exist.
Emma was often accompanied by a plain girl, Sally, this night was no exception. Sally was not unattractive, but she was eclipsed by the beauty of her friend. I have to admit that I, like most people, had ignored Sally in preference to the beautiful Emma.
Soon the heat of the sauna was getting to me, so I left the sauna and jumped in the cold plunge pool. I was splashing about when I heard a voice behind me.
?Mind if I join you?? asked Sally.
I was a little disappointed that it was just Sally and not her pretty friend, but I replied, ?No, come on in.?
Sally smiled shyly at me, but without any hesitation she unwrapped the towel she was wearing and hung it on a hook.
I had never paid much attention to this girl, she had usually been in the shadow of her beautiful friend. But now seeing her naked body unveiled, I took notice. She was a heavier build than her friend and in comparison had seemed overweight, but naked her figure could only be described as voluptuous. She was completely unselfconscious about her nudity and totally unconcerned that I was staring up at her. She climbed in the pool and we chatted. The nervous stutter that I always had trying to talk to her friend had abandoned me. I noticed that when Sally smiled, her face became radiant. Never again could I consider her as "plain".
When we exited the pool, she was as free as before with her nudity. She just acted as if having myself there watching her while she bathed and dried was perfectly normal behaviour.
Before we returned to the sauna she put on her damp towel, though she seemed almost reluctant. I was not able to continue talking to her then as Emma was sitting between us. They left the room soon and I didn't follow.
A while later, I went into the room with the spa pool. The two girls were sitting in the pool. Sally greeted me with a smile as I joined them.
Emma soon started to get out of the pool. She attempted to conceal her nudity from me as she climbed out, though she did not succeed very well. Of course I looked, I had admired this girl for months. I was surprised though that I did not enjoy the experience near as much as I had enjoyed viewing her friend Sally.
Emma quickly covered herself and turned to her friend, "Are you coming"? she asked.
"Soon," Sally replied. Emma then left us alone.
Sally and I sat in the spa pool and talked for a few minutes. She then got out of the pool and dried herself, still talking to me. Once she was dry, she did not cover herself, instead she stood beside the pool as we talked with her towel in her hand.
After a while Emma returned, though she was now clothed. She snapped at her friend and Sally put her towel on and left with a "See you" to me.
A few days later I saw the two girls together. As usual I was ignored by the "beautiful" Emma, this was OK by me as I only had eyes for her friend. Sally gave me a stunning smile and we began talking.


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"I just wanted to let you know that there are two bills that I will not be letting lapse anymore. One is my power bill (need it for the computer) and the other is my DOMAI membership. I've come to find that I need it almost as much as my bread and water. Thanks again for producing such a wonderful site." - Sincerely, Eric A <a_roc[-at-]>
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