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A real DOMAI experience

Last summer I went to a little Island, in Balearic archipelago.

I’ve spent one week in that wonderful place and I have to tell to all my “dirty old collegues”, that I have had an unforgettable experience.
I had heard that in Spanish beaches nudity is normally accepted, and I came there expecting something special. Well, I really couldn’t imagine that what I was going to find was “so special”.

The first day I went to the beach, it was windy, not many people were there. I was walking with my wife, when we found a young girl who was laying in the sun, reading a book, completely nude.
Because of we are Italian, we are not used to see nudity on the beach. In Italy it is allowed just in a very short list of beaches where only naturist people go.

Soon we understood in that island there is not a separation between beaches for naturist people and beaches for “textile” people: in every place by the sea, there is a very free choice to get naked or not.
This is the point which we didn’t expect. We used to think about nudity, about naturism, not as a free choice. We thought that If someone wants to get naked, he has to reach strange places where everybody stay without clothes and where everybody must to do the same. We thought it was a virtual wall between naturist and other people, because in Italy nudity is scandalous, and naturists are in a sort of ghetto.

Instead of this wrong point of you, we have found in that island an incredible atmosphere, created by the beauty of the beaches and the beauty of people who could choose in every moment to get naked.
You know, I’m a real dirty old man. I can’t avoid to look at wonderful girls when I see them. I really think that women’s bodies are the best view we’re able to enjoy.

Every person like me can imagine what I felt when I was in front of clear water, facing an amazing landscape, and many pretty young girls, totally naked, were walking on white sand, coming through the water refreshing their beautiful bodies, and laying lazy, warmed by the sun.

After two days, my wife said that she wanted to take off her swimsuit, but she was too shy. I was shy too, but I thought that if there was a way to stay more comfortable in those magic places, it was to get naked.
So, it was the third day, when we went to a little beach with cyan water closed by impressive seastone sculptured by the wind, I take the decision to do it. We went down through a path and reach the shore. My wife was taking the towels from the bag, around were some beautiful girl and some men who take suntan, some of them were nude, some were wearing a swimsuit. Suddenly I decided to take off every cloth and run in the water. I felt good, and strange, and I looked back to my wife, to know if she was doing the same thing. After some minutes I saw her totally naked coming to me in the water. We looked in each other eyes, in silence, smiling.
When I came back to our towels, opened on the sand, I sat down and start to admire the best scene I’ve ever seen: by my side an awesome blonde girl, pretty and young, was laying into the sun, exactly like a picture on DOMAI. On the other side two girl in topless were talking and smiling and another girl, a bit heavy, but beautiful however, was walking slowly with her foot in the water. My wife came some minute later, for the first time I saw her naked among unknown people, in the sunlight, and I felt very glad for it.
That scene was so amazing that I think I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.

In the following days my wife and I didn’t wear anything, staying on the beach. Sometimes we were the only two person naked. Sometimes other unforgettable scenes rising from those magic places.
I discover with surprise the nonchalance of my wife who started to enjoy nudity in a very happy way. She was really happy to show her body. I was living in a DOMAI world, among so many pretty young girls, and my wife was one of them. I felt happy like never before.

Moreover, I think that this experience has given me self confidence in all the other things. We are educated to think that we have to hide some parts of our bodies. We grow up with something to hide and we link evil to our bodies without understanding why and when. Showing my body to other people, who do the same thing, I felt free from something I can’t describe.

I think we surely will repeat this experience. And I think that everybody should try it.


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