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Letters To DOMAI


My wife is fascinated by my own fascination with the beauty of this one girl, Juliet.

Last year in New Orleans we were at a club and had a waitress who looked strikingly like your Juliet.

We both saw the resemblance at once and my wife called her to our table. I, a grown man of nearly 50, was breathless, stammering, and unable to speak.

As this young lady approached our table from behind me, my wife told me she was approaching. I was like a school boy, almost unable to speak. Certainly unable to think. "She's standing right behind you", my wife said. In a panicked denial I said "No she is not", totally afraid to turn around and look this beautiful woman in the eyes.

My wife could not stop laughing at my reaction.

The young lady asked what was going on, and my wife explained the whole story.

Bemused, the young lady looked at my wife and asked why she was not jealous.

My wife said "Just look at that smile. What wife wouldn't want to see that smile on her husband."

Eolake, I wish you could have seen me. We still laugh about it.

Thanks again for making your site all about innocence, happiness, and beauty.


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