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I think enough time has passed I can share this story.

I was a teacher at an all girl’s college, had just finished a hard school year and was looking forward to a long deserved summer break under the New Zealand sun. I decided to unwind by finally making myself go to a nudist beach, something I always wanted to do. I really enjoyed being naked but was very shy being a Christian in my early 20’s who was still saving himself for marriage I had never seen a naked woman in real life before let alone be nude myself in front of one.

Due to my respectable profession, and being terrified of running into anyone I knew, I decided to go to a “clothing optional” beach that was in a national park some way out of the city during a weekday while other people where still at work. I decided to go there early in the morning. When I got there I was happy to find out the walk to the beach took an hour, so it was remote, but with every foot step my nerves where being tested (I must ad the anticipation had keep me up the night before so being sleep deprived did not help).

The terrain was hard going the beaches of the national park being a series of bays between hills one had to go up and down to go further (the place was popular with hikers). I had never been to the park before so once I got up a hill to see a new bay I wondered if this was it, confusing signage made things more difficult.

After a long trek I finally got to the last bay which had a sign with the name of the bay I was looking for and a arrow pointing up, the down hill approach masked by trees, a very private spot indeed. I descended to the beach through the narrow path in the foliage and was relieved to find out no one was there and set up at the far end of the beach but a fallen tree. After a while I found the courage to strip off and enjoyed the warm summer sun all over my body.

Although this was a new and liberating experience for me it got boring very quickly as I was by myself so went for a nice long swim. After a while I came back to shore and got something to eat and decided to walk the length of the beach. As I was walking back I was stopped by the narrow path onto the beach by the sound of a passing boat. I assessed the situation: I was standing where they could see I was completely naked but reassured myself they where to far out for it to matter. As I was foolishly thinking the worst had happened I heard a familiar voice behind me say “hello Mr Smith”.

I turned around to see 6 teenage girls, 5 of whom had been my in my senior class 2 weeks before and I had known for some years. They looked different: gone were the traditional and chaste uniforms, the bikinis they where wearing showing off beautiful young bodies. In the moment I realised I was seeing their bodies a wave of terror went through me when I realised they where seeing mine: naked. Where there was meant separation between teachers and students I did not even have a Speedo to act as a barrier!

I instinctly replied hello and turned to head towards my gear to get the hell out of there when 5 of the girls got past me and formed a semi-circle standing between me and my stuff. These where well know trouble makers at school and where making conversation by asking me direct questions and moving in a way to delay me getting to my stuff. They could clearly see my torment and I could see they where enjoying themselves.

I slowly managed to get to my gear and pick up my towel covering between my legs when one of the girls asked if they could set up near me. I said “actually...” meaning to say I was going now, but then I was possessed by a force which caused me to drop my towel and say “no I do not mind”. The thought then crossed my mind they would be getting naked as well, but after a while they had not all they did was make bad jokes like “sir do you have a pen on you I could borrow?” I then remembered it was a clothing optional beach so they did not have to reciprocate.

Even though the chance encounter was a shock I did get use to it. As time went on several of the girls went topless, two were “bad girls” on but the third was a quite academic girl who I never understood why she was friends of the others. She asked me if I would walk with her and we went to the other end of the beach where we sat and she thanked me for being a teacher who inspired her and pushed her to achieve and I thanked her for being one of my best students. Our discussion felt a lot more honest because of our state of undress.

Not to long after this I had to head back to the real world as I had business to attend. I told the girls it was good to see them again, which most automatically replied “it was good to SEE YOU sir!!!” I wished them the best for their future and started to head back towards the path. As I got there Katie, one of the girls, said “oh sir just FYI the beach before this one is the nudist one”. To this they all crack up laughing. I thought they where just messing with me when sure enough after examining the other beach it was populated by naked people. Then I realised why the arrow was pointing up on the sign, it was indicting the next bay, not that one. I was so embarrassed: but at this stage of the day more for getting the beaches mixed up rather than being naked in front of a bunch of former students.

From this experience I decided to explore being naked in front of others more so took a weekly night job as a nude life model at the university. In a class towards the end of the year a student rushed in late for the class; it was one of the girls. I watched her come in, hurriedly get her stuff out and looked at her surprised face when she saw the model was me. A big friendly smile came across her face; she waved and mouthed “hi”. Straight after the class she came up to me and we started talking. In that 15 minutes it did not occur to me to put on my robe and by the time we looked around and when realised we where pretty much the only ones left in the room we decided it was time to get going, departing with the joke “see you at the beach”.

Warmest Regards

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