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I've enjoyed your site for quite some time and thought it was time to share a story from my childhood with your readers.

When I was a young boy, I was riding with my father in the woods on one of the many trips we took on our moto-cross bikes. There was a stream that we'd stop at to rinse off when we got muddy or sometimes just to take a break. We'd sometimes, but rarely, encounter other riders on the trails, sometimes people walking or bicycling but it wasnt often.

This particular day I will never forget. Dad said lets head over to the stream and take a break. There was a path the veered off the main trail to get to the part of the stream that had a wider sort of bathing area we called "the beach". (we had many nicknames for different parts of the trails).  

I was ahead of him, and as I approached, I noticed 3 girls scrambling to get their clothes back on. I didn't know quite what to do, or what my father expected me to do, whether I should stop or keep going and come back later when they were gone.

So I kept going, heading back towards the main trail. I looked back to make sure my Dad was following and I saw that he stopped near the girls and was talking with them as they were trying to cover themselves up with the clothes they held in their arms.

My Dad signaled me to come back, so I did. I remember the nervous feeling in my stomach as I rode back towards them. I almost couldn't keep my bike under control, as I had never seen a grown woman in the nude, not to mention 3 women!

When I got back and shut the bike off I remember them apologizing for getting caught, as they were dressing. Dad told them there was nothing to be ashamed of and that enjoying the outdoors in the nude was perfectly natural and they shouldn't be embarrassed no matter who was around and that they shouldn't let our presence affect their good time. I think Dad wanted to make them feel ok with it so they didn't leave regretting being caught.

They seemed to get more comfortable with my Dad as he talked with them and I remember somehow one of the girls ending up back in the water. Dad at some point asked if they wanted to see what it was like to ride through the woods in the nude. Eventually they were all giggling and back in the water with their tops off.

One of them finally agreed and asked for a ride! Although, Dad stayed fully dressed as I remember his big rough riding boots in contrast to the girl's soft smooth legs and feet.

When the first girl left with Dad for her motorcycle ride, I sat on the rocks and the 2 remaining girls started talking to me, asking my name and if we run into people swimming naked all the time. I was shy at first to look at the girls but they were so friendly I eventually realized I was having a fun conversation with them, and began making eye contact. One girl came out of the water and sat next to me as she talked.

This was the moment I realized how beautiful a woman's body was, I noticed all the curves of her body and what a great work of art the female form was. It seemed like the experience lasted only a matter of seconds when I heard Dad's motorcycle getting closer with his return. The girl that had rode with him hopped off and showed her excitement to the other two. I remember the relief as the next girl hopped on with Dad and he sped off.  
I got another chance to study the beauty of the two remaining girls.

Only 2 of them rode with Dad, and after a short break, Dad asked if I was ready to hit the trails again and I reluctantly agreed. We left the girls as they all were enjoying themselves, naked in nature. I don't remember ever meeting the girls at "the beach" again, but the memory of my first encounter with the beauty of the female body stayed with me forever.


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