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Letters To DOMAI


I was in my late twenties, and "newly single", having been divorced for a little less than a year. I had never been into the dating scene, having married while in the Air Force to my high school sweetheart. So, I wasn't exactly living a life of endless erotic delights. To put it simply, I was lonely.

One of the few ladies of my acquaintance was Sherry. I had been aware of her for some time. She was not a classic beauty, but had a lovely face with sparking green eyes. She was a lovely brunette, of average height, and always cheerful and friendly. Her figure was very good, with full breasts and slender waist. Since she always wore slacks at work I couldn’t see her legs, but her posture was erect, and she carried herself in a self-confident and proud manner.

We had never dated, but rather had only occasional friendly conversations. I had no reason to feel she thought any more highly of me than she did of any other of a dozen other men she was friendly with. Imagine my surprise, then, when she asked me if I would like to come over some evening for dinner! Stammering with surprise, I admitted that I would enjoy that, so we agreed on a time and date. 

I showed up that evening with the usual "wine and flowers", and she accepted them with the usual expressions of delight. We chatted for a few minutes, and then she said she needed to go into the kitchen and finish preparing the meal. I offered to help, and she agreed.

As we worked and talked, I couldn't help noticing how nice she looked, even though we were both dressed informally, by prior agreement. She usually wore slacks and a jacket at work, but for this evening, she had on a plain knee-top length skirt and simple top. She was barefoot, and this lent her a charming air of informality. Her legs were shapely, and while her top was baggy, it couldn't hide her full and firm breasts. Her hair was worn shoulder-length and done in a simple style. 

Soon dinner was ready. She insisted that I seat myself and she would bring the food to the table. We talked as we ate, laughing and joking about different subjects. It was not a candlelight dinner, but the lighting was subdued, and I had a difficult time paying attention to the food, she was so exquisitely charming. I wasn't exactly tongue-tied, but I was enthralled with the idea of just being with her for this magical evening. After a while, I managed to calm myself down, and I realized I was enjoying myself immensely.

After eating, I offered to help her clean up, and she accepted. As we were carrying dishes out to the kitchen, though, I turned without looking and collided with her, causing her to splash leftover gravy down the front of her top and skirt. She cried out in surprise, and I grabbed a roll of paper towels and began to try to dab the gravy off. As I started to wipe the front of her blouse, I suddenly realized what I was about to do and stopped, confused and embarrassed

"Oh, goodness," she exclaimed. "That's the hard way! Here, let me do this," and she quickly removed her top and skirt, used them to wipe up the gravy that had reached the floor, and then tossed them into the sink and started water running on them. I stood frozen in shock, staring at her lovely form, hidden only by the lacey panties and bra she was wearing. She seemed not to notice my bewilderment, but continued to busy herself with the rest of cleaning up. Finally, I managed to recover somewhat and fumblingly tried to help. "Oh, never mind that. We don't need two disasters tonight!" she laughed. I sat down on a kitchen stool and simply watched as her alluring form moved about the kitchen.

After she had put the stained clothes in the washer and all the dishes were picked up and in the sink, she turned and looked at me. I blushed and looked away, stammering an apology. "Oh, stop it," she said. "There's no reason to be embarrassed. It was an accident, and as for this," and she waved a hand at herself, "it's just me. I'm not ashamed of how I look. If I'm not, why should you be?"

I turned and looked at her openly, shook my head, and said, "Well, to be honest, I've never met a woman as open about herself as you are. I wasn't sure how you'd react to me looking, but I have to say you’re awfully easy to look at!"

"Oh, bull<blank>," she grinned. "Flattery will get you everywhere! But thank you, anyway.” She thought for a moment, and then said, “I tell you what. It's a nice, warm summer night. Let's go to the back yard." Suiting action to words, she walked out the back door to the yard.

It was early summer in Houston, and the weather had yet to become stuffy and humid the way it does later in that season. We had had several days of comfortably warm, clear weather. Still somewhat stunned, I followed her and saw (admittedly to my relief!) that there was a high board fence around the yard, forming a barrier to prying eyes from outside. She walked to the center of the yard and pirouetted, her arms out and her face to the sky. “I love the night sky!” she cried out. “I know! Just a second!” As I watched in awe, she removed her bra and panties, then lay down on the lush grass, giggling as she did so. “It tickles! Come on! You try it!”

I started to lie down, but she objected, “No you don’t! Do it right!” I hesitated, still having a hard time believing this was really happening. Slowly I started to undress. She watched me, grinning, and then sighed happily and looked up at the stars. I lay down next to her and looked up.

We lay there for several hours, just looking at the stars, exclaiming delightedly at the occasional meteor we saw flash across the stars, and quietly talking about subjects both frivolous and profound. The warm breezes would occasionally stroke our bodies, and I found, to my surprise, that the fact that we were both nude became unimportant. From time to time, I would sit up and look at her in the starlight, finding myself simply appreciating the subtle interplay of line and curve described by her body.

Sometime around midnight, the moon began to rise. Its silvery illumination cast contrasts of light and darkness across her, creating even more fascinating subtleties of shape and form. The monochromatic light gave a surreal appearance to her skin, and the delicate shading of the gentle double-domed curvature of her belly made a sharp contrast to the sudden rise and deep valley of her breasts. I was mesmerized by the slow shifting of the shadows as she breathed, and as the moon slowly rose higher, each minute brought slight changes in her appearance, with new beauty revealed with each change.

We lay there until sunrise, enjoying each other’s company and the night. Finally, both tired, we got up, I dressed, and went home.

I will always remember that night, and I’ll never forget the debt I owe to a happy, beautiful woman who helped me learn that there can be appreciation of beauty without sex. As time went on, our relationship became more serious, but that’s another story. Still, though, no matter what happened afterward, she gave me one of the most memorable nights of my life, and I’ll always be grateful to Sherry for that.


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