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Letters To DOMAI


There are many many many cheap (mainly in quality) porno sites that attract consumers interested in nothing more than exploring sexual fantasies and seeing attractive members of the opposite sex engaging in practically all sorts of fetishes imaginable. For this crowd, the closer you can come to easing them into their own fantasy the more satisfied they will be and the less they will tend to notice of the actual content they are taking in because the focus will be on their own fantasies. Such sites obviously still have their attractive qualities to many, but do not require very high standards in terms of real beauty because everything is geared to attract a person to the point of an insane addiction to bring in money to them, and hook you into enjoying your sexual fantasy to an immoderate extreme. Or perhaps their sense of beauty is just far removed from mine, but in any case there is a clear difference with DOMAI, and whatever sites are like it (I haven't found any). The focus here is on maximizing the beauty of the model and not on the sex appeal.

I would like to add one thought. There is a sense in which many people view pornography as a bad ugly thing that they nevertheless seem endlessly attracted to. With this mentality, they view unfriendly websites that capitalize on the guilt of those who already believe that what they are doing is wrong. They frequently create popups of nudes posing provocatively when one tries to leave their site and many add malware or adware to your computer or even threaten with blackmail people who view their site into buying "fixes" (that may or may not help---and might hinder) to erase the unseen evidence that you were ever at their site---all under the assumption that you would not wish anyone to find out you were there.

One could argue that being attracted to the opposite sex as God has designed us to be is not wrong, and though I believe this to be true, my point is not about the rightness or the wrongness of going to view porn. My point is that simple appreciation of nude beauty does not require any of this. Whatever the motives of the individual models and their life experiences---we have in this site a dignified way to appreciate the attractions of the female form in a way that is tasteful, attractive but not addictive, and even healthy and healing to people who have come from sexually repressed backgrounds or from the other sexual extreme. This giving attitude is in great contrast to the take what we can attitude of a moderate share of the internet porn industry---and a giving attitude is also a Christian sort of philosophy.

I suppose there are those even who view this site who might see a Christian single guy with a habit and interest in viewing naked women as an oxymoron, or otherwise incompatible thing. Christians frequently enough tend to at the very least think of it as a sin to over come. Well, I would say it is not necessarily sinful or incompatible with being a Christian--even in the case where it leads to a sexual relationship outside of marriage, but the explanation for this is clearly very much outside the scope of this message. Suffice it to say that there are those who believe and have fairly reasonably articulated arguments for saying that premarital sex isn't always wrong.

Okay, now for my story... When I was young, I moved to a very safe (sort of semi-rural) tropical place outside of the United States---where nothing really bad or fast ever seemed to happen and most of my neighbors were friendly, reasonably educated, and quite laid back. It was very beautiful, and a sort of vacation mentality pervaded the whole region. I would generally go to the beach once or twice a week, watch the sun set over the ocean each night, and anyone who wished could pick up the ripe mangoes that fell off the trees that just grew wild along the side of the road. There was a whole lot to like about that place and I still think about it a lot.

My dad was in school and my mom worked a lot, so my parents decided to let an older lady who lived next door babysit me while my mother worked and slept. I quickly made friends with the babysitter's granddaughter (who was about my age) and some of the other children that would just hang out at her house. It was a pretty popular place for local kids in the neighborhood to congregate and there were seemingly no strict well-enforced mandatory education laws since older kids would just roam around the streets free to play impromptu games or philosophize about life and generally just have fun.

One day while I was at the babysitters, alone with the granddaughter, just talking about whatever came into my head to discuss. I happened to see a bunch of panties and bras on an indoor clothes line drying. So I asked my friend something about the similarities and differences in women's undergarments. This led to a discussion about what seemed to be the crazy obsession many adults often have about clothes and their importance. In my experience it was somewhat common to see little boys and girls running around without clothes but somehow the adults almost always had them on. Some adults just seemed bonkers about them. So I just thought it was a weird adult hang up and poked fun at it.

She seemed to have the start of issues about it herself. But after rationally discussing it she couldn't think of a good rational for having a hang up about it. In the end we decided to play the "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" game. She and I played it several times. We would get together and just stare and stare and stare at each other. We never touched each other's genitals though. It was fun and amazingly fascinating but not really sexual. We didn't trust adults to act sanely so we didn't tell them or do it in front of them. Somehow she managed to get into a whole pile of trouble over something related to this but I don't remember the details. All I remember is ranting that went on for days by her grandmother as well as interviews with several adults. I don't think they told my parents though. I was yelled at and she was cruelly yelled at, spanked, and strongly discouraged from being around me after that. She got in so much trouble that it frightened me. Amazingly, she tried to talk me into doing this once more after all of the trouble she had gotten into already. It was only slightly tempting. The stakes were way too high. I had not been in much trouble and I wanted to keep it that way. Besides, if they caught her another time I was afraid they might really hurt her. Shortly after that I moved away from there, but the memories and the lessons learned from that experience more than 20 years ago stay with me.

Adults really do tend to sometimes be crazy about silly things. It is irrational and it is a culturally learned behavior. It certainly isn't good to beat a child before they have even been told not to do something, and I don't believe adults should lie to kids if they really want them to respect them later. I've heard many adults say things like "when you grow older you'll understand" and in some small way I think I believe that has been true. Now that I'm an adult I certainly understand more about sexuality but that wasn't all they were saying. They expected and wanted me to adopt their culturally ingrained ways of responding to things like they had. I'm happy to say I still don't see things like they do.

Thanks Eolake for making a site that encourages honesty and focuses on giving a good product rather than trapping someone into giving them money in return for a spent body and a guilty conscience!


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