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As a female who occasionally reads your newsletters I was intrigued by the discussion recently about what motivates a woman to partake in a DOMAI moment. One writer speculated whether it was a sexual come-on or just a desire to be free and un-encumbered. While I cannot speak for all women, I can say for myself (and a few of my friends who have confided in me) that it is a little bit of both.

While some women may not want to admit it, most women know that their body is a powerful asset. For reasons of insecurity, many women are reluctant to use it, or are ashamed or shy, or feel their natural bodies don’t measure up to some ideal. Sometimes, I think the “ideal” female form has been distorted into some grotesque cartoon. Certainly Playboy and other male fantasy magazines have actively promoted this “ideal” form and even relatively female friendly websites like Domai have encouraged that to some degree (most of your models don’t appear to have major surgical enhancements but let’s be honest, there are some untypically well endowed  body types featured!)*.

But back to the original point… so what is the female side of the DOMAI moment? I’ll give you two personal stories that illustrate both motivations, both while I was in college.

The first was the summer after my sophomore year. I was having my doubts about my major and decided to audit some summer classes in some other areas of study. I needed a place to stay and found a room to sublet near campus through a friend. The house was being shared by seven other students, both male and female, none of them that I knew. Most were taking summer classes while a few were just hanging out and picking up odd jobs on campus. As the summer went on we became quite a social group, and a couple of romances developed. There was one boy, Ronnie, that I had a secret crush on, and I thought he had one on me, but he was so shy, he hardly made eye contact with me.

One evening the others had other plans or we out of town, and only Ronnie and I were left in the house. It was a hot humid evening, and the house was hot and un-airconditioned. On evenings like this, everyone generally sat out on the back screened-in porch to catch a breeze and that is where both Ronnie and I ended up that evening as well. Ronnie, who was taking some classes,was studying and I was reading some light novel. The air that night, however, was absolutely still, and the usual breeze was not relieving the oppressive heat. Ronnie, being a guy, had the advantage that he could remove his dripping shirt. I told him that was unfair because I could do the same thing, but he just shrugged his shoulders. So I announced I was going to take a shower to cool off. As I got up I decided it would be fun to tease him a bit and told him he needed to have a cold beer waiting for me on the bathroom sink when I got out and told him I would be very disappointed if it was not there.

I went back to my room and got undressed, and wrapped a towel around me and headed to the shower. When I opened the door to the bathroom, there was Ronnie standing there with my beer!

“Am I too early?” he said.

“Not at all,” I smiled. I dropped my towel, and took the beer from his hand. I took a slow drink and turned while I drank, knowing this would give Ronnie a long look at me. The I turned the water on and stepped into the shower. It was not long before Ronnie was in the shower with me.  Needless to say, there was a third romance in our old house that summer!

My second DOMAI moment was not one with a romantic or sexual theme, but one more to do with trust.

There was a swimming hole not far from campus, that was known as a clothing optional area. I never had the nerve to go there, nor really never knew the precise location, but was curious.  None of my female friends had been there either or dared the venture there themselves. So it was always this mysterious, mythical place.

We were having an unusually early and warm spring of my senior year. One weekend near finals, a group of us girls were invited by several male friends for a bicycle ride and picnic. We rode out into the country near campus. It was a gorgeous day. After lunch in a park we biked a little farther out and then circled back a different way than the way we came.

As we rode down one back road we came across a number of parked cars by a wooded path. Someone remarked that this was a bit odd when one of the boys explained that this was where the nude swimming hole was. Of course this elicited the usual smart remarks from everyone. But then one of my girlfriends said “Well, I’m up for a swim. Anyone else?”

Everyone looked at each other, I think kind of wondering what to say or do next next. Finally one of our male friends (a gentleman, I should perhaps say), broke the silence. “We’ll escort you,” he said. (That was an odd expression, more appropriate for a prom, but so charming!)

So off we went, down the path. Soon the forest opened up onto a small lake, with a sliver of a beach surrounded by large boulders. Several people were swimming, but most were lounging on the large flat boulders. Nearly everyone was nude, although a few women were just topless.

We leaned our bikes against the nearby trees. Finally the girl who suggested the whole adventure whispered, “Well, I didn’t come all this way to stare!” and promptly pulled her blouse and shorts off, then her undergarments and jumped into the water. Within a minute all the rest of us followed.

I was surprised how natural it seemed. I think it was because it was so spontaneous and unplanned and there was no sexual intent. Our three male “escorts” leant a certain aspect of security to it so we felt safe and unthreatened.  I’m not saying it wasn’t a bit thrilling and I know I enjoyed some spectacular male physiques, but like I said, it just seemed natural.

After sunning ourselves for a while, everyone dressed, and returned to campus. That certainly was a bike ride to remember.

So there you have it…some DOMAI moments from the female side. I’m sure it was a DOMAI moment the men in my story will remember fondly, too.


* While I dont think that DOMAI is very skewed towards big bosoms (and definitely not implants), it's for sure that such tend to get more male attention than little ones. However the question is whether this was really created by Playboy or if many men (though not all**) simply like big boobies? - Eolake

** I know because many of the exceptions have already e-mailed me about this newsletter. :)

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